Friday, 13 March 2015

Heil BBC

Dear BBC,

Thank you very much for having interviewed Mukesh Singh, the rapist awaiting appeal on his death sentence. Thank you for being concerned about “India’s Daughter”. Let’s for a moment set aside Leslee Udwin’s competency as a journalist; having read her report, I have second thoughts about her level of common sense itself. She had come to India expecting an 8-feet tall, one-eyed monster with blood dripping from his fangs, and is surprised to see that Mukesh Singh is a "normal common bus driver"!

Then, she is appalled at the lack of remorse demonstrated by him. She is appalled that the value systems held by Mukesh (which she generalizes to be held by all Indian men, by quoting some other bigots---people with poor English language skills and a vested interest of saving the accused to further their career prospects as well) consider women to be unequal and that woman is responsible for getting raped, and so on.

Dear Leslee, this is where the monstrosity lies, not in Mukesh's appearance, but in the value systems that he held and adhered to.

However, having watched the video as well, I have to thank you for the commendable effort made.

We Indians didn't know that rape was a crime. I guess that was why the whole of Delhi and Indian social media protested (rioted) against the crime immediately after it was committed. Maybe that’s why the culprits are behind bars, awarded the death sentence, awaiting appeal.

May I please request your capable journalistic effort in the following scenarios as well?

  1. Please do a documentary on "UK’s Daughters". With a 2010 rape statistic of 28.8/100,000 population and ranking 6th in this crime (far exceeding India’s 1.8/100,000 and ranking of 54), I guess England also has a lot of daughters who have been raped. Their rapists also should get an opportunity to voice their views, right? Maybe you should do separate ones for penile penetration and penetration with other objects or body parts. That’s how your legal system compartmentalizes rape and sexual assault, right? While you’re at it, please don’t forget to call England the “rape capital of Europe”. I'm sure you’ll find equally graphic descriptions of crime in action within England itself.
  2. Speaking of ranking, why not do one on “South Africa’s Daughters”? They rank 1st with 132.4/100,000 population. Please call it “the rape capital of the world”.
  3. Maybe you should do a similar one on your colonial cousins across the Atlantic and Pacific. “America’s Daughters” and “Australia’s Daughters”. They rank 12th and 8th respectively. You should also do a comparison against yourself with these. It seems the successors of all the criminals and convicts that your ancestors exiled to these countries have reformed their younger generations to do better than you in treating women with respect. Or it’s because of the high rate of immigration from South Asian and Latin American countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Mexico (ranked 21st).
As my friend Ayan Chaudhuri puts it, if we are to see the report released by the Office of National Statistics for 2013 for England and Wales (, then the data for 2013 shows a total of 19,124 rapes (Page 13). Given that the population of England & Wales is 57 million people ( [53.9m + 3.1m = 57m for E&W only, not UK as a whole], that translates into a figure of 33.55 rapes per 100,000 population for England and Wales. So the figures given above are quite in line (in fact the latest figure as calculated above is actually higher, since the figures quoted are for 2010). Is the Office of National Statistics is as unreliable as Wikipedia?

These statistics do not prove anything about the general mindset (as the West loves to claim for India's case), because if they did, what is to be made of the mindset in the UK? The crimes are very serious and both societies need to solve them urgently with every resource at their command, but the holier-than-thou attitude of the West needs to be dropped first.

Would you DARE to do any of the suggestions that I put forth? No, right? I guessed as much.