Saturday, 22 June 2013

On Betrayal

How did we reach this corner of the world?

I mean, the world’s supposed to be round, right? How come it has so many corners, then? Some sunny corners, where friends meet and greet and talk and fight and make up and love and stand up for each other…

…and this dank, damp, dark, lonely, crowded-with-shadows corner, where the memories of yesterday sulk in silence, grimy tears of painful nothingness rolling up their cheeks to disappear within the hollows of the empty holes that once held shining bright eyes that lit up at the sight of each other?

How did we reach this corner of the world?

Or maybe it's not "we", but "I", thanks to your betrayal.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Long Live The Queen

You were 19, I was 10. Yet I could not help falling for you. Hopelessly, that too.

You taught me to fall in love with the drops of sweat that ran down that patrician nose. To pine for those firm hands that you used to wield your weapon. To admire your compass-precise grace when you accepted trophy after winner's trophy after ruthlessly vanquishing your opponents. To dream of those flowing golden tresses.

You are the reason why, despite his immense talent, I disliked your husband almost as much as I hated Monica Seles.

Happy birthday, Stefanie Maria Graf. I shall refrain from adding your other surname. I wish every man a first heartbreak as beautiful as you. Long Live The Queen.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Average Joe

No iron suit that helps me fly, nor a hammer to bring forth lightning and thunder.
No webs slung from my wrist, nor alien DNA that makes me super.

Just an Average Joe, who fights a greater battle than any superhero does 365x24x7.
A battle he knows he's sure to lose, but keeps going back anyway, to put his back to the grind and push, push, push.

Crashing each night, stripped of hope, bereft of light, waiting for the morning, when the parts will reassemble themselves.

Yes, I'm the Greatest Superhero Alive.

I'm your Average Joe.