Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Dream That I Had......

After several minutes of tossing and turning, exhorting Hypnos to bless me, I slowly slip into a fitful state of unconsciousness that gradually turns into deep slumber. And while exploring the strange-normal-familiar-unknown-dark-light alleyways of my sleep world, I meet...the ethereally beautiful Charlize Theron, wearing a turquoise sari and a smile that lights up the entire room!!! And when she tells me that she is coming to India with me, I know that I was destined to have this dream.

When I wake up, after exchange of more smiles, some sweet, some coy, and promises, I realize that although it's still a 34-year-old body, the heart, at least for one day, has gone back to being an 18-year-old that believes itself to be the King of This World.

But was it Charlize I really saw? Or was it someone else??

Was it you???

Saturday, 4 May 2013

To The So-Called 'God' Of Cricket

Dear Mr. Sachin Tendulkar,

Retiring gracefully with your dignity and honour still intact is a million times better than f***ing your own legend for the sake of a few million bucks.

Someone who considered you a 'god' from November 1989 to April 2011.