Friday, 26 April 2013

Helpless, Frustrated Rage

In 1983, Amitabh Bachchan had acted in a film titled INQUILAAB, which showed how an educated young man, unable to bear any longer the shackles of crime that were strangling him, his society, his country, takes up arms and mows down an entire room-full of corrupt politicians. As a school-going kid, I had been fascinated by the film and the strong anti-political message it sent out [though in typical cinematic fashion].

Over the last few months/years, this country of ours has been dogged, indeed, hounded by a legion of corrupt politicians/law-makers/law-keepers. The recent spate of rape crimes against women in general and kids in particular has deepened my conviction that the only way this country can be salvaged is by going the INQUILAAB way.

Take up arms. Don't appeal to the law to act. Take up arms against whoever does you wrong. An eye for an eye may very well render the whole world blind, but blind purging is a lot more preferable than seeing with helpless, fearful, cowering eyes. This country has gone to the gutters. Only a blood revolution can save it from utter destruction now.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Die trying

How do you liberate someone who is a prisoner of his [or her] own soul? How do you break invisible shackles that emanate from one's own heart? How do you wipe away tears that are born in one's own blood-veins?

Maybe you can't. Maybe you won't be able to, ever. But what's the harm in trying, trying and hoping that one day, the barriers will come down, the tears will stop, the shackles will break?

Just die trying. Maybe that's what you've been created for: kiss the tears away, or die trying.