Monday, 29 October 2012

The Ballad Of The Solitary Drifter

"Loosen the grip and drift away...

Hoist anchor and sail away...

Let strangers no more hold sway...

Over you heart.

Over your blessed, lonely heart."

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Pujo Like No Other

A Pujo like no other.

A dash of nostalgic clouds peeping at the mind's window, like a naughty child playing truant while the mother sleeps. An unseen raven of fear cawing away from behind a cover of leafy green, like the shadow of the shark that passes beneath the harmless fisherman's boat.

The first Pujo in 12 years without a Sister. A Pujo that is sandwiched between dead weights pulling me back, and hopes of a newer, better Me. A Pujo filled with dreams of breaking shackles and nightmares of an extended sentence.

A Pujo of Old Demons and New Goddesses.

Like I said, a Pujo like no other.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


“I loathe what is my lot, for I love not nor deserve it.

What I merit, and desire with all my soul, is so close to and yet beyond my reach.

Oh, why do I vent my ire at You, You who is Heaven’s Choicest Blessing unto me?

I rage at the Gods’ injustice, I direct my fury at them.

And yet it is to them that I pray for the Greatest Miracle of all.”

Monday, 8 October 2012

Sheyr-o-Shayari – 3

Triggered by repeated hearings of three all-time favorite Kishore Kumar sad/emotional numbers:
  1. Aaj tu ghair sahi, pyaar se bair sahi [Oonche Log – 1985] — RD Burman
  2. Tera ghar teri galiyaan hum to chhod chalein [Oonche Log – 1985] — RD Burman
  3. Kisi ki bewafaai ka sabab ban jaaya karti hai [Main Awara Hoon – 1983] — RD Burman

“Ek khauffnaak maahaul ki giraft mein hai zindagi,
Yeh kaisi sannaate ki qaid mein hai zindagi…
Kasheedah lagta hai sukoon ka ek saans lena,
Jaane kyun apno ki hi vaar se lahoo-lohaan hai zindagi.”