Friday, 20 March 2009

life's like that (part-ii)...

Huh! Talk about being AWOL! Had promised to keep posting on a regular basis, at least one per fortnight/month. & this one is only my second article in '09!
Anyway ['anyways' is INCORRECT ENGLISH, even if Hrithik Roshan says it oh-so-stylishly...wish people would stop saying that, it bugs me like hell!], here I am, with a lot to write about, but no clue as to how I should go about doing it. Wish it was not so pathologically difficult for me to express my innermost feelings. But then, my 'feelings' generally tend to be too scandalous for the general goody-two-shoes public :-) [wink wink]...
First of all, the abiding love of my life – movies. Haven't watched too many of 'em since November...only about half a dozen, including 'Ghajini' & '13B' [twice each]. Liked what I saw...both had interesting plot premises, as did the new 'Raaz'. Emraan Hashmi has a screen presence of his own, & Kangna Ranaut is not merely another pretty face, but a fantastic actress as well.
Read a couple of books by the author Dean Koontz – 'Life Expectancy' & 'Forever Odd'. His books are what one might rather simplistically label 'paranormal thrillers'. The writing, however, is multi-hued, with richly-layered sub-texts. Add to that a wry, but highly intelligent, humour, & u have a really good writer.
Got myself a huge stack of books which should last me till April-end at least. Will keep u all posted :-)